Build Your Minimum Viable Brand 🚧

Build Your Minimum Viable Brand 🚧

For over two decades, tech startups have used the MVP concept to build successful products. The defining principles of the MVP approach are speed, agility, and iterative improvements. BCKDRP built on top of these fundamentals to help startups achieve their Minimum Viable Brand (MVB). Now you can spend the least amount of time, effort, and resources to develop a brand strategy that centres your organization, conveys your values, engages your customers, and differentiates you from the competition.
The MVB Program takes place across five 90-minute sessions, over a period of 5 weeks. We'll take your startup through a proven process to codify your brand strategy.

Why set the foundation for your brand? 🏗️

  • Brings internal and external focus and clarity
  • Speeds up decision-making and execution
  • Inspires true customer loyalty
  • Provides defensibility in a noisy market
  • Builds relevance and differentiation
  • Helps form the basis of culture and community

Startups can get distracted if they don’t build the right brand foundations. It's common to rush to market hoping a savvy name, slick logo, and catchy tagline are all that's required to launch a product. Often "brand" is defined as a company’s name, logo, personality, aura, reputation, or trademark, while the fact is, none of these are your brand; they're simply expressions of it. If startups don't dig deeper than these definitions, they will not realize their brand's true business value.

Your "brand" is the perception people have about you—their gut feeling. It's what they say it is. The goal is to shape that outcome.

Program Breakdown 📝

The MVB framework covers 4 key components—Purpose, People, Proposition, and Personality—each in a session lasting between 60-90 minutes.

Session 1 - Purpose


Your purpose may be clear to you, but that isn't enough. It's equally important to codify and communicate it with your customers and stakeholders across multiple touchpoints.

  • Essence
  • Values
  • Story

Outcome: Uncovering your why, a run-through of your product offering, and the background that will form your external narrative.

Session 2 - People


For a successful brand message, it's important to tailor your purpose to your people. By creating user personas, we hone in on your ideal customer, enabling your brand to hit different.

  • Demographic
  • Target Groups
  • User Personas

Outcome: An in-depth look into your demographic and how they think and respond. We'll find elements they look for in the brands they already interact with.

Session 3 - Proposition


Your proposition needs to be an easy-to-understand statement that tells customers why they should choose you over your competition. We'll declutter the abstractions and cut right to the chase.

  • Brand Promise
  • Key Differentiators
  • Elevator Pitch

Outcome: A detailed understanding of why your consumers connect with you and what they feel is different about your brand. We'll cut out the noise with a focused 30-second pitch of who you are.

Session 4 - Personality


Brand personality is your set of human characteristics—the traits people can relate to. They’re expressed as adjectives and archetypes that convey how you want to be perceived.

  • Voice and Tone
  • Brand Archetype
  • Visual Benchmark

Outcome: A consistent set of traits, style of speaking, and visual standards that your customers will organically gravitate towards.

Session 5 - Presentation

We crystallize everything established in previous sessions and go over how you can apply these principles both internally and externally.

  • Application
  • Recommendations
  • Rollout

Outcome 🎁

At the end of the program, you'll receive a codified breakdown of your 4Ps, neatly packaged into one deck. Now you can use your MVB to:

  • Polish your pitch.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Attract employees, investors, and partners.
  • Inform your product roadmap.
  • Keep all your departments aligned.
  • Hold yourself and your teams accountable to your new manifesto.

Here's an example of a brand and visual identity we built.

Don't just hear it from us 🗣

BCKDRP has an incredible understanding of what a brand really is. With their strategic approach, they're able to bring tangible solutions to solve business problems. ~Naweed Abdulla, Growth Marketer, UnivAI
When it comes to building powerful brands, BCKDRP has it down to a science. ~Rajath Nandan, CMO,

Tiers 🎚️

☝️ The Weekend Workshop

4 sessions, 45 minutes each.

We take you through the branding fundamentals, doing brief exercises along the way. You get:

  • Basic MVB Deck

✌️ 5-Week Program

5 sessions, 90 minutes each. We deep-dive into your brand, refining it with each phase. You get:

  • MVB Deck
  • Visual Benchmark
  • Industry Case Studies

🤘 MVB + Design Bundle

6 sessions, 90 minutes each. Everything from the 5-week program and we'll develop your Visual Identity System. You get:

  • MVB Deck
  • Industry Case Studies
  • Visual Benchmark
  • Design Templates
  • Visual Identity System

Get Started 🚀

This month, we have the capacity to consult with four startups. To apply, sign up with the form below. We'll get back to you.

FAQs 🤔

Who is the MVB for?
  • Early-stage startups creating their first brand.
  • Startups that are facing a pivot in need of a rebrand.
  • Scaling startups that need to make their initial brand more relevant to existing customers.
  • Startups launching a new product in need of a brand.
How do I know if this MVB is for me?

If you're confused about your brand promise, voice, look and feel, or even just wondering what your tagline should be - this program is for you.

How many people is this geared towards?

We recommend a maximum of 3 core team members to represent your company for these sessions.

What if I already have my brand in place but want to upgrade it?

That's great. That means you have something for us to work with. We will go over all that you have in place - what works and what doesn't - and build on it.

What’s the time commitment?

👉🏽 The Weekend Workshop - 4 Sessions of 45 minutes each

👉🏽 The 5-Week Program - 5 Sessions of 90 minutes each

👉🏽 MVB + Design Bundle - Get in touch for more details.

How and when will the sessions be conducted?

We use Miro and hold all sessions over Zoom. You decide the timings.

Why does an MVB even matter?

You don't have to take our word for it. Here's what Harvard Business Review has to say.

Have a different question? ✋

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